How To Achive Goals

Few things in life, including our memory, can trick us.

In our history, there may be some things we revisit in time to time, or maybe even linger on obsessively.

We reflect in different ways, but here in the western world, we typically don't give much thought to things from our history.

We rarely think of our successes, our milestones, and our victories.

It's strange. We serve healthy foods to our bodies. Instead, by reviving our losses, we turn around and inject poisonous thinking into our brains.

How To Achive Goals

The attention has a way to focus on what does not work, or targets that have not been accomplished.

Learning from our mistakes is nothing wrong. None of us would like to make exactly the same mistake.

But there is a distinction between wallowing in past failures and evaluating them critically.

The Matrix's flawed thinking allows us to recover every painful moment and keep feeling every pang of remorse.

The Energy helps you to do more productive things. This reminds you of every win.

Imagine what your life might be like when this happens.

How the energy generates the success of today from the successes of yesterday

Respect for your earlier successes ... that's what the energy is producing.

Reverence in the sense that we give pride, respect, and gratitude to the right measure.

This respect is necessary because the long-term quality of a win is strengthened and released.

All too often we do something that gives us satisfaction and enjoyment... and these emotions fade long before we have the opportunity to enjoy them and appreciate them.

It's like walking out of a theatre in the middle of a great movie, or in the middle of a good conversation hanging up the phone on a friend.

Success can indeed come from our weaknesses being reduced. Ironically, this success will be deeper, last longer, and be more rewarding than exploiting your strengths.

Think about the difference.

Strengths we tend to take for granted. We know them and we draw on them with a certain amount of confidence.

There are other vulnerabilities. We don't like to acknowledge their existence, let alone talk about how their negative effects can be lessened.

To tackle both, you can use The Energy. When you're in The Energy, it'll actually be looking for the area of your life where it's most needed and where it can make the biggest difference.

The Energy functions like a stem cell in a very specific sense, and gravitates naturally to where it can do the most good.

How To Achive Goals

Use The Energy To Identify Your Strengths

It's easy to identify strengths. Only think about your successes.

Search for times in your life when you feel connected and happy with other people. These moments are vital and enriching as the reverse is the dangerous behavior of the Matrix.

What can also happen when people feel isolated and unsatisfied is unhappiness, discontent, and even illness.

We all have to enjoy a lot of satisfying successes in life. A win can be as easy as seeing and appreciating how the light falls on a flower's petal.

It can be a fun chat with a good friend, or a new recipe that your family enjoys is the pleasure and pride of cooking.

The respect accompanying these great and small achievements gives them the sense they deserve. Its sense reminds us of their significance, and something profound will take place when we can combine these feelings with being in The Energy.

Momentum of Energy

Energy is like a train runaway.

It begins with breathing exercises, physical exercises, and guided exercises for visualization.

Momentum is growing and it is filled by the energy. The strength of your past wins makes it possible to win new victories. There's a chain reaction that gets irresistible and spreads from one area of your life to another.

The steps you need to take are becoming evident, and your ability to take these steps grow.

Yhe Energy makes you unstoppable. Whatever your goals may be, your potential has been rediscovered.


How Short Term Changes Replace Long Term Improvement

Sometimes even life's big victories seem to disappear, and after a short period of time the sense of excitement disappears. Why is that happening?

The Matrix wants to keep you unsatisfied, detached and unfulfilled.

It wants to distract you. It's trying to get you away from what's real and true. One of the many ways The Matrix distracts you from your significant achievements is by questioning the merits of these achievements.

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.”

What's in your diary? Is there too much memory of defeat and too little memory of victory? Can you reflect objectively on your life? Has the Matrix pushed you into a place where you doubted the accomplishments ... and magnified your setbacks?

It's going on all the time. Being in The Energy is the only permanent, constant, effective way to protect yourself from the destructive contradictions of Matrix thought.

Get into the Energy so that your diary can be edited and enhanced.