How To Find a Passion

If you could do one thing to change your life, I would highly recommend that you find something you're passionate about and do it for a lifetime.

If you're scared to go to work, or you are always lacking in motivation, or find out what you're doing is boring and tedious, you need to start looking for a new career.

Staying in your current job won't just keep you miserable, but you don't know your full potential in life

How To Find a Passion

Imagine this instead:

You get up early, jump out of bed, looking forward to going to work. You often find yourself in that state of mind, often referred to as "flow" where you can lose track of the world and time and lose yourself in the task at hand. Work is not work as it is referred to by many people, but something that is fun, fascinating and exciting, It's a passion, not a "work"

But How to make it happen? How to find your passion in life? Here are some suggestions:

1. Ask yourself: Are you already doing something you love?

Have you got a hobby, or something that you loved to do as a kid, but never gave it a chance?

Whether it's reading comic books, gathering something, designing, developing or constructing something, there's probably a way you can do it or a lifetime. Open a shop for comic book or create a website for a comic book

If something you want to do already exists, you're ahead of the game. Now you just need to explore the money-making possibilities.

2. Find out what you're spending time reading

There may be some benefits for you here ... and all of them are possible career paths. These topics don't close your mind. Look at them.

3. Brainstorm

Something immediately comes to mind? Okay, get a sheet of paper out and start to write down thoughts. Write down anything that comes to mind.

Search for inspirations in your home, on your phone, on your bookshelf, and write them down. At this point, there are no bad ideas. Write down everything and review it later.

4. Ask for possibilities and surf

Check for ideas from other men. See what others as their interests have found. Look for ideas throughout the Web.

5. Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet

Don't just hand in your resignation tomorrow if you consider your calling, your passion. Staying in your work is best while you're exploring the possibilities.

6. Don't judge, give it a try

Until jumping into it as a career, it's best to test your new idea. Do it at first as a hobby or side work, so you can see if it's your true calling.

For a couple of days you may be enthusiastic about it, but where the rubber hits the ground is whether you're passionate about it for at least a couple of months.

You've probably found it if you pass this test.

7. Do as Much Research as Possible

Learn as much as you can about your passion. If for some time this has been a passion, you may have been doing this already.

Do even more work at any price. Read every possible article on the subject and purchase the best available books.

Find other people who do what you want to do for a living, either in your field or on the internet, and ask them about the occupation.

How much are they doing? Which education and training did they need? What skills do you need? How did they get started? What are their recommendations?

You will often find that individuals are more than willing to give advice.

8. Learn, learn and practice some more

Do not go into it with an inexperienced level of skill. You need to have professional skills if you want to make money - you have to be professional. Get very good in your future career and you're going to make money from it. Training endless hours. When you enjoy it, the training should be something you want to do.

9. Never give up to trying new things.

Can't find your passion in the beginning? Keep trying, if possible, for months on end, and you will eventually find it.

Found your passion, but did you not manage to make a living? Don't surrender. Continue to try and try again until you succeed. It's not easy to succeed, so giving up early is a sure way to fail. Continue trying and you're going to get there.


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