How To Visualize Success

Visualization is the tool that can help you achieve your goals/dreams in a very fast way.

Most of us equate it to "Thinking" when we heard the word "Visualization" and that's where the real error starts. To use visualization and achieve the desired result, it should be understood that it is not just about imagination, but also about the fundamentals of visualization and law of attraction

How To Visualize Success

Law of Attraction → Visualization → Desired Results

The Universe has many laws, one of which is the Law of Attraction, and it is the widely practiced law on this planet among humans. LOA operates on the method / principle of "like attracts like." something you keep thinking and repeating  in your mental (mind) becomes a fact.

When you keep thinking that you're going to get a job, you're going to get it for sure. When you keep thinking in the interview or test you're going to fail, you're going to fail for sure. It's so easy.

Now, maybe you've got a question, Does thinking is law of attraction? The reply is NO. When you think for a minute about a particular thing and forget about the next minute, it can't be manifested. It can't be a fact.

How To Visualize Success:

I've learned from many that visualization doesn't work or get fewer results for them. But is this true? No. Visualization is always working! But if you apply it or use it properly!

So how to visualize?

For visualization excellence, a few important things should be practiced, let me mention them:

1. After meditation, visualization works much better, so it's nice to visualize after your meditation.

2. Lay down or seat comfortable, close your eyes and now you can start visualizing.

3. When you experience it while visualizing, visualization works. Example: today evening you want to try an ice cream and you close your eyes and see it. Your taste buds will feel the strawberry ice cream's flavour while doing so!

4. If you give more details, visualization works. Example: You're looking for a partner in your life. Visualize their skin colour, height, outlook, well-behaved manners, and so on. Visualize a conversation with them, Example: he / she is calling you on your mobile phone and you're so happy to receive their call and chat with a lot of joy.

5. Visualization works ONLY when joy fills the soul. Indeed! It's one of the biggest points. If you're concerned about something or someone, please remember that it won't work when you start doing visualization. The body and soul of your mind should be relaxed (this is why I asked you to visualize after meditation in #1).

6. Visualization works when you do it without a break on a daily basis. Stick to a specific timing every day and do visualization. This will make your subconscious mind easily believe in your imagination and very soon bring it to life. Example: Recall for visualization on your mobile daily at 5.30 A.M. and 10.30 P.M. Don't give anybody else this time/anything else.

7. Visualization works if you can construct mental images, such as: if you first imagine a house, create it in your mind, see that house's entrance, see the house's wallpaper or interior design in your mind.

Visualization will help you very quickly achieve your goals / dreams. Most of this planet's successful people have used imagination as the method and have been successful in their lives.