Apple music not downloading songs | How to fix it

Apple music not downloading songs


Many people love our Apple Music service. So while it’s not operating as expected and is showcasing a whole lot of Apple Music issues and iOS song bugs, it absolutely disrupts our day and our equilibrium.

Unfortunately, numerous of our iPhone, iPad and Mac customers document some Apple Music problems after updating their iOS to the brand new version. More in particular users state that they’re not able to play any track whatsoever!

So if that state of affairs seems like you, we sense your frustration and hopefully, have a few recommendations to get your Apple Music service returned into your ordinary day-to-day.

1. Check Your Network Connection

You need an internet connection with a view to download songs. In the event that the community has a hitch-up then your download might not work. Try these instructions to see whether or not the problem may be fixed:

Step 1 Go into 'Settings' after which click on on the 'Music' tab.

Step 2 Swipe the 'Cellular Data' ON to permit it to work in your device.

Step 3 If the Cellular Data is on, take a look at whether or not the 'Downloads' is also turned to 'ON'. This is to allow Apple Music for you to download songs on any cell data

2. Restart Apple Music App

Restarting the program gives it a fresh feel. It will also help in putting off any horrific sectors that could have been generated by software program dis-functionalities.

Restarting your smartphone is also one of the ways you can use whilst Apple Music won't down load songs. It is a straight forward way of putting off any junk documents that may be currently stopping the smooth operation of the gadget.
Step 1 Press and keep the 'Power' button from the side of your iPhone.
Step 2 Tap on the 'Restart' choice out of your iPhone's screen.
Step 3 Your iPhone will automatically restart after actually closing all Apps.

4. Re-login Your Apple ID

Apple music not downloading songs
Your Apple ID is an crucial detail on the subject of accessing numerous apps which include Apple Music. Simply sign off and then log in once more to see whether your track can download.
Step 1 Tap on the 'Settings' app.
Step 2 Go to 'Your Name' and then scroll down and click on the 'Sign Out' option.
Step 3 Sign in another time by way of going again to 'Settings', entering your name and then clicking the 'Log in' option.
Step 4 Run Apple Music and notice whether you could download a song.

5. Enable Apple Music App


Apple music not downloading songs
It will be that Apple Music is hidden, inflicting the downloadable songs now not to be visible. In this case, you want to make the App visible.
Step 1 Click on the 'Settings' app and then pick out the 'Music' option.
Step 2 Toggle it to 'OFF' and then 'ON' via tapping on the 'Show Apple Music' choice to run Apple Music once more and spot whether it may now down load your songs.

6. Update Apple Music App

Newer variations of Apple Music have endured to throng the market. If yours has emerge as obsolete, there are high chances that you will revel in Apple Music won't download songs problem.
Step 1 Open the 'App Store' and then go to the 'Updates' option.
Step 2 Scroll down and appearance for 'Apple Music'.
Step 3 Click on the 'Update' option except the App to update it to the most up-to-date model. In a few cases, you may best locate the 'Open' option in preference to the Update option. This way that your Apple Music is of the latest model and no updates are to be had at that time. If so, then you need to attempt the next troubleshooting method.

7. Update iOS Version

Perhaps, it's far the operating device that wishes some boost. Updating it will assist it emerge as greater powerful, efficient and smart.
Step 1 Tap on the 'Settings' app on your iPhone.
Step 2 Go to the 'General' choice and click on 'Software Update'.
Step 3 Scroll all the way down to the 'Download and Install' option to deploy a newer model of the running system.

8. Repair iPhone System

Apple music not downloading songs
In the event that the above solutions do not help, it could be that your iOS has terrible sectors. These will want a cleanup. There are third-party gear that you could use to repair the operating device and help fix Apple Music won't download songs issues. Look for a recommended tool inclusive of TunesKit iOS System Recovery to help you get better iOS device to normal. This device has the capacity to repair as much as 30 styles of iOS related troubles including your Apple Music app may not download songs, iPhone caught in Apple logo, iPad might not turn on, etc. Efficiently.
Step 1 Install and launch the program. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
Step 2 Choose the restoration mode. Here are 2 repair modes for you: Standard Mode (no records loss) and Advanced Mode (information loss).
Step 3 Download the latest iOS firmware bundle and then verify it. Wait for the system completes.
Step 4 Click the 'Repair' button and ask TunesKit to restore Apple Music might not download songs in your iPhone quickly.

9. Reinstall Apple Music App

It can also happen that you didn't install your App within the encouraged way. You can effortlessly delete and re-installation the App using simple steps.
Step 1 Swipe thru your iPhone's screen to the 'Apple Music' App; then press and keep the App till it jiggles.
Step 2 Tap on the 'Delete' option even as urgent the 'Home' button till the App receives deleted.
Step 3 Re-install the Apple Music App all over again by way of going to the 'App Store'.
Step 4 Search via the the available Apps and click on 'Apple Music'.
Step 5 Download the App and set up it back on your device.

10. Contact Apple Support for Help

There are some issues that occur because of the manufacture's mismatches. If the above answers do not assist you come out of Apple Music no longer downloading songs issue, then probably it's time to touch Apple for assist. Visit the Apple Music legitimate web page and get help as tons as possible.

Apple Music Subscription Active But Requests for New Plan?

This is any other one of those weird issues that don’t make sense at all. You have a legitimate Apple song subscription that is active and no longer expired. The subscription stop date is still months away. When you try to play tune, it asks you to choose a brand new plan and subscribe.
If you are dealing with this issue, your great wager is to first sign out of your Apple ID inside the settings
- Next, Go to Settings > Music and switch off Apple Music
- Restart your iPhone, check in with your Apple ID and permit Apple music. This collection of steps usually takes care of this issue for most folks

Apple Music Library empty or now not syncing after updating to iOS 13

Several users have stated that Apple Music does now not sync and the tune library is empty after updating their iPhone to iOS 13 / iOS 13.1.
Users document that when they are trying and play a tune that they recognize exists in their library, they get a message to the effect that " the song is not available for your country”
The good information is that your Apple music library is not wiped out and is to be had to you with the assist of some time-consuming steps that involves the usage of iTunes on your computer.

In order to restore your Apple Music Library with iOS 13, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Back up your iPhone the use of iTunes. The iCloud backup will now not help. It wishes the iTunes backup to restore.

Step 2 Download the contemporary ipsw report for iOS 13 and your tool from ipsw.Me or another source onto your computer

Step 3 Using iTunes restore your iPhone with the downloaded ipsw file

Step 4 After the manner is complete, restore from the backup you made in the first step.

Step 5 Restart your iPhone and then launch Apple music to check

The restore the use of iTunes backup fixed the issue for maximum users. We attempted the iCloud backup without any fulfillment for this issue.


Cannot Find a Way to Rate music after iOS update

Apple has changed matters around a bit with the app. To rate the music, inside the now playing view, tap at the album artwork, and the star ratings appear. This replace is an exciting change in the App interaction, and we discover that some humans like it and others need Apple to revert it to the way it became in earlier iOS versions.