Top 10 Best songs to test headphones 2020

As The headphones obsessive guy, I hear some questions quite often: what are the fine Bluetooth headphones, in which can I discover those $1,000 cans for less than $100, and what are the best songs to test headphones? Today I would like to answer for the third question.

best songs to test headphones

The apparent thing to say right here is that there’s no right or incorrect answer, there aren’t awesome classes of “proper” or “good” music, on the one hand, and unworthy junk, at the other. So long as it can still be described as tune and not noise, any genre should be able to illustrate the principal strengths and weaknesses of a couple of headphones. So the easy recommendation is to just listen to the song you like: it’s essential that you’re already familiar with how the material ought to sound (or how you select it to sound) a good way to pretty verify the effect on it from the brand new equipment. Headphone checking out is often analogized to wine tasting, in that it’s all subjective, but that shouldn’t cause the specious conclusion that each one opinion is equal. There can be subjectively experienced goal truths.

My technique for headphone reviews is intentionally lazy. If some terrific, otherworldly pair of headphones require lots of unique equipment, an anechoic room, and perfectly mastered recordings, well, it may just live in that other world. Readers of PrimePods first-rate served by reviews that treat the gear as they would: this means that testing through plebeian resources like Soundcloud and YouTube in addition to higher-exceptional 320kbps MP3s and Tidal’s “Master Quality” setting. The system I generally use is a Schiit Jotunheim (an aggregate amplifier and DAC) while I’m at my computer and a DragonFly Red or Astell & Kern Kann while I’m at the move. Yes, I’m prepared for the generation of no headphone jacks on phones

Let’s move on to the track itself: while maximum genres will do an amazing job, I do locate some patterns and unique recordings are higher than others. Fortunately, my favored genre of complicated electronic music with lots of bass is popular in recent times and consequently provides plenty of variety, experimentation, and diversity. Multilayered productions from the likes of deadmau5 and Squarepusher won't be everyone’s cup of lemongrass tea, however, there’s no denying their capacity to stretch a couple of headphones.

Here are 10 best songs to test headphones I go to when sampling a new pair of headphones, and the reasons why I desire them:


1. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

best songs to test headphones

We have become the headphone testing party started with the lead music from the White Stripes Elephant album, which propelled them to reputation 15 years ago.

It becomes recorded the use of the pre-1960s system and 8-track, so it has very true analog sound throughout.

Analog indicators are typically a touch cloudier because the BBD generation ups the signal there is usually a touch electric over-spill which clocks as much as fuzz and distortion and decrease fidelity transmissions.

This is right for checking out headphones as they need to reply to coloring the tone with a buttery warmth, the distortion and effects should add to the dynamics in place of distorting the speakers within your headphones. If they buzz or grow to be muffled then they are not processing as well as they ought to, and also you are missing out.

The guitar gambling the bass is panned to the left, this will let you recognize your stereo sound is functioning.

Other capabilities inside the song which make them good for trying out headphones are the dynamics itself between the emptier verses and heavy stuffed choruses. Then there is, of course, the infamous pop pop pop pop building drum crescendo earlier than the wailing lead riffs.

The low riff is right for checking out your bass capabilities, however, interestingly enough wasn't recorded on a bass guitar. Jack White used a Kay semi-acoustic hollow-bodied guitar with a DigiTech Whammy pedal which he adjusted down an entire octave.

The low riff is right for testing your bass capabilities, however interestingly sufficient wasn't recorded on a bass guitar. Jack White used a Kay semi-acoustic hollow-bodied guitar with a DigiTech Whammy pedal which he adjusted down a whole octave.

2. Hunter - Bjork

best songs to test headphones

If you’re brief on time and want to test an audio device as quickly as possible, Bjork’s genre-straddling tune is the manner to go, and “Hunter,” the first track on 1997’s Homogenic, is my favorite. The tune opens with a good test of the soundstage of a given pair of headphones: drum beats are ebbing and flowing on either side of the listener, and the experience of distance among them is a great marker for how expansive the headphones sound. But that’s simply the start. The real beauty of “Hunter” is that you’ve got all kinds of devices mixed with Bjork’s affecting vocals, and once you’re used to the song, you could use that familiarity to decide which of those elements is made extra outstanding by means of the headphones. When Bjork builds as much as the soaring “how” in “I thought I could prepare freedom, How Scandinavian of me” at 1:40 into the song, you must get chills. No chills? Headphones can’t be that great.

3. Acid Rain - Lorn

best songs to test headphones

This is the newest must-listen tune in my collection and the motive for that is simple and obvious, arriving at 21 seconds into the song. The bass drop. On a terrific pair of headphones, it seems like a shovel stabbing deep into tough dirt. It’s quick, deep, penetrating, and nearly physical. The feeling of it lingers for a 2nd even after the sound is gone. The recurrence of that bass hit is what makes me love the song, and I guess the confession I have to make is that I don’t test with a few medical set of tunes that don’t thrill me. I recognize some humans do that, I don’t. The purpose of headphones, as I’ve expressed previously, is to serve as units of joy.

4. Titanium - David Guetta (feat. Sia)

best songs to test headphones

Fourth in our attractions is the 2011 house/urban dance hit from David Guetta proposing Sia, Titanium. We have selected the piece because it capabilities some very interesting production techniques which shift in the course of the music giving your headphones a radical workout.

For starters, the outlet bars have a reverb tail positioned anarchically on a just a choice of the picked guitar riff. This consequences in an exciting dynamic between the brighter sustained notes and muffled ones.

The most incredible technique exploited inside the song which ought to be a good challenge for your headphones is the side-chained compression applied in the tune.

The thumping bass is exaggerated because the kick song has been used to cue the extent of the synths and sweeps making the ranges pulsate. This is ready to 8th notes as well as used In time with the 4/4 kick in other parts.

This pulsation impact also can be heard on the vocals themselves in some areas. Sias vocals have a real tonal juxtaposition among the ghostly damaged verses, and the powerfully projected choruses, the nuances of which need to be simply described with a very good set of headphones.

The track had an excellent mix of dynamics notwithstanding its easy traditional pop structure, it features a series of rises and falls. The choruses additionally see an abrupt drop-out of drum and bass completely which is a popular DJing technique and also a very good bar measurement for audio testing.

5. A Thousand Years - The Piano Guys

best songs to test headphones

Next on our listing is a little much less obvious, it's far a cover of Christina Perris A Thousand Years through The Piano Guys. It is a lovely rendition, ideal for those less willing to concentrate on digital music.


The full-size check-in of the piano and different gambling techniques applied to the cellist part, which provides it the dynamic nuances practical for surveying the speakers within your headphones. The pianist starts offevolved Mezzo-Piano within the middle C register, with the cellists bowing heat sustained notes, at the same time as a layered hopeful sounding pizzicato song bubbles beneath them. They construct harmonically together.


The Cello then takes the lows and the piano brings out a treble cease riff briefly earlier than the legato strings drop out to highlight the pizzicato plucking. The piano then walks the traverses the better keys with well-sustained poignant notes, with the third note of each bar played at an extra velocity. On a great set of headphones need to ring vibrantly accentuated within the mix.


The dynamics change in the course of the arrangement, Each instrument takes the lime-mild fluidly interacting. The panning strategies add a spacial dynamic which handiest a satisfactory set of headphones could do any justice for.


There are bars in which the two instruments play as the proper duo, bars in which they play off of one-any other and elements of the piece wherein they're nearly combating for the spotlight.


The low quit is tested by using the heavy left-handed playing, the colorful rich cello lows and the percussive way the cellist employs occasionally.


6. Undone - Spaces (feat. Sarah De Warren)

best songs to test headphones

Just to underline the outsized significance of excellent bass to the attraction of any headphones, here’s any other track designed to test it. 40 seconds into this song, there are three bass hits: one is bare to the left, one is slightly to the right, and the third has an entirely distinct texture to the primary two. That nuance of awesome positioning and subtle detail is misplaced on mediocre headphones. The sense of depth and effect is also lacking from overly serious “high-end” headphones that are simply too light on bass (I’m looking at you, MrSpeakers Aeon and Grado... Well, every Grado headphone).


7. Pray For Me - Kendrick Lamar

best songs to test headphones

Next on our listing is a gritty electronic track which changed into produced for the Black Panther soundtrack, Pray For Me with the aid of the Weekend and Kendrick Lamar.


It features some extraordinarily unnatural synth sounds which, have been heavily modified, we suspect the band-passes were toyed with and the frequencies heard are consequently atypical. The bass begins with a low rumbling drone, which would be hard to sustain without a great set of headphones.


The repetition of the music is unrelenting, it features an ostinato motif which is a low fidelity in places to an accurate key, the frequency response and how nicely your headphones circuitry can delegate the signals that go to dictate how the listener hears this. Through a high-decision set, the sound may be very dark and complex, with a decrease resolution they sound far greater retro.


The chords and keys are kept via some type of altered brass segment pad on this song. There is a choral underbelly to mirror the religious connotations of the lyrical content, with a much softer dynamic however in general, most of the sounds have a whole lot of assault and short cut-offs. The assessment of the 2 will also give you headphones a tougher time.


The song also appears to have a few sub-bass frequency filtering happening which you could pass over out on if your low-frequency response isn't always pretty extensive. If the bass competencies of your headphones are lacking you'll probably get a piece of distortion.


The Weekend's vocals are shiny and reduce through, wonderfully reverberating with a treble tone, Lamars are far less melodic and require superb middle definition from your drivers, these assessments your crossover capabilities as well. The accompaniment drops out almost absolutely toward the top of the track to position emphasis on the robust lyrical thoughts of the hook.


There is also a high glass observe motif that appears later in the track and the give up of the outro functions high tremulous notes which may additionally have a tremolo or vibrato implemented at a fast rate. This will test your high-frequency response rate.


8. Windowlicker - Aphex Twin

best songs to test headphones

How can you no longer encompass Aphex Twin in any test of headphones? The classic “Windowlicker” has all varieties of subtleties interweaving in its recording, which may be squashed and rendered as a bit of a loud blobby way of weaker headphones. Good headphones carry out the little electronic pops and squeaks, and they increase the tension in the direction of the song’s culmination, and the exceptional headphones convey the entire unsettling nature of the mad vocals. I have relatively current albums from Aphex Twin, 2014’s Syro and 2016’s Cheetah, and I regularly concentrate on them from begin to finish. An important issue to remember with headphone opinions is that there are no shortcuts to conclusions: unmarried tracks can best inform you so much, and you have to listen to complete portions of track to make certain of your impressions.


9. Beat It - Michael Jackson

best songs to test headphones

This next track might be equally as well-referred to as the previous. The introduction to Beat It by Micheal Jackson offers your headphones lots to contemplate before the primary synthesizer observes even kicks in. MJs use of sound effects within the commencing bars is a good definition tester. From the clicks sirens to the unearthly bell chimes and underlying chatter your mids will be under scrutiny.


The phat Moog bass synthesizer riff offers an unwavering repetitive lick which we all recognize instantly. The intensity of the instrument along the kicking 80's rhythm will want delicate coping with out of your low give up onboard processing.


Micheals voice cuts in the delight of the region above the accompaniment. It is a brief staccato and in a blended chested head register, an effective high that the singer is synonymous with. It is sung with sturdy emphasis, fantastic annunciation, and brief catch-breath notes, all of which test your headphones vocal definition.


The vocal layering is once more in a name and answer manner and there may be fading and panning used. The fourth note of each bar is strongly accented by means of the driving drum beat. This and the heavier choruses ought to give your low-end an intensive warm-up.


10. Can’t Say I Ain’t Country - Florida Georgia Line

best songs to test headphones

We could not leave y'all without a country option, we've selected Can't say I ain't country, with the aid of Florida Georgia Line. It is a well-produced song that has true dynamics between its verse and chorus structures. From solo vocals to unison harmonies.

The guitars function that authentic colorful twang which ought to supply your treble quit reaction an amazing run-around. The picking strategies and bends offer ideal traits for checking how smooth your reaction is. There is a great use of reverb on among the elements in the song. The duo makes use of an average industrial break-down with an emptier segment supplying you with a minute to hone in a little towards the element and take a look at your definition. They also mess around with the melody line, bellowing out a better variant from time to time, taxing for all your headphones components.

It has a nice busy drum track complete of percussive elements, the guitar chords within the verses are punchy and have a terrific bounce. The backing vocals in the choruses are filtered to take a real backseat which means that your mid-range talents will want to be satisfactory and clean in phrases of definition. The licks under the 3rd verse are very complicated and cut through the mixture to take a greater central function in certain places.


There is a tonne of good songs to test headphones which appoint dynamics to assist outline the regions of their song structures. A commercial record will typically have a build toward its chorus and lots of artists contain a break- down of some form as well. These factors are idyllic for trying out your headphones. Poor great headphones can often war with the bass give up because, as we've got explained before, you need a decent surface vicinity to vibrate to provide bass frequencies and a hard and fast of headphones driving force is limited through space. Songs with strong bass-traces will assist you to perceive how properly your work in a heartbeat.