How to turn iCloud music library off

Apple Music is a super service but a few users decide upon to hold their personal libraries become independent from their streaming library. To acquire this you honestly should simply disable iCloud Music Library.

What elements are letting human beings turn iCloud music off?

Even though iCloud Music Library is designed to be an attracting Apple device feature that maintains all music you have stored or downloaded from Apple Music app, it crashes humans enthusiasm to use it anymore. Following are a number of the maximum persuasive reasons why people in the end decided to turn iCloud music library off.

-ICloud music is not efficiently syncing, which misses or mismatches album artwork.

-ICloud music usually suggests wrong metadata.

-Live tracks matched to their studio versions.

How to disable iCloud Music Library on iPhone & iPad

Step 1. Open Settings > Music.

How to turn iCloud music library off

Step 2. Toggle off iCloud Music Library.

How to turn iCloud music library off

Step 3. Tap Turn Off when prompted.

How to turn off iCloud music on your PC or Mac?

Open iTunes > Preferences > under the General tab, uncheck the iCloud Music Library option.


That’s all there is to it. ICloud Music Library helps you to get admission to music throughout all of your gadgets whenever or anywhere you are. However, some will sacrifice that for the ability to keep their original music libraries in tact. Especially if you’ve been collecting a number of non-iTunes purchased music through the years or if you preserve a lossless library for higher satisfactory listening.

What does Apple Music do to my iPhone library?

When you enable iCloud Music Library on the iPhone, the local iPhone songs are matched with Apple Music database. Your library is then seamlessly populated with DRM-covered copies of your songs originating from Apple Music till you pick to disable iCloud Music Library.