Why do headphones hurt my ears - how to make them more comfortable

Why do headphones hurt my ears - make them more comfortable

With an amazing pair of headphones, your track can sound indescribable...And your head can feel like it’s in a trash compactor. No matter in which they’re hurting you, you’ll get way more cushty if you’re inclined to mod them a bit bit.

Every pair of cans is different, which means that there’s no one-size-fits-all technique to the pain they cause. So as a first step, check out your headphones to peer if you can parent out wherein the pain is coming from and why. Maybe the band is digging into your head, or the clamping pressure is just too tight around your ears. Once you parent out the cause, we have a few capability solutions—but you may put on your engineering hat to evolve those fixes to your particular headphones.

Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears?

Check the Size Before You Buy

Why do headphones hurt my ears - make them more comfortable

Headphones that are too small will harm your ears. You should check the width of the scarf earlier than shopping as one that’s too tight which be uncomfortable and painful. You won't have taken into consideration the size of your head before however, everyone’s melon is different. Don’t expect that one-size-fits-all because it doesn't. You should take a look at the dimensions of the cups, too, because if you have especially massive or small ears then you may find a few fashions a bad fit. If the cushions are too large or too small, then they can’t sit towards the ear nicely and the strain on the ear’s cartilage can be uncomfortable.

When you buy in-earphones, it’s useful to maintain the small packet of replacement buds in a secure place. Often these include a smaller and larger length that may work your ears greater comfortably. It’s particularly difficult with in-earphones as everyone’s ear canal is specific and what suits one person won’t necessarily in shape the next. Manufacturers make sizing and shape decisions primarily based on what they think will suit the most people however as all people who struggle to preserve in-earphones and earbuds will inform you, one size certainly does not in shape all.

You May Have Listener Fatigue

Listener fatigue is a sense of tiredness that can arise after an extended duration of paying attention to sound. According to Alex Rowe, it’s frequently related to “too much power in the higher frequencies” and this will be down to the way a headphone is designed or our own man or woman sensitivity. Sony describes listener fatigue as something that occurs while your eardrums are working too tough to technique loud extent flowing through the ear canal and placing a large strain on the eardrum. Listener fatigue is the handiest going to head away via taking a break and taking your headphones off.

"They make my glasses dig into my head!"

No one is familiar with the plight of uncomfortable headphones like someone with glasses. Even if they have relatively light clamping pressure and smooth pads, a big pair of over-the-ear headphones will constantly press to your frames, making them burrow into your temple. Believe me, I’ve tried many.

So, stimulated via YouTube video, I took a hobby knife to my ear pads and sacrificed their structural integrity within the call of comfort. After cutting a route the shape of my frames via the complete ear pad, my headphones do not make my glasses experience like a medieval torture device. Cutting into the froth like this will almost honestly make the pads fray after some time, however, it is a small price to pay. And if you're concerned approximately ruining your headphones' earpads, first try this hack on a few cheap replacement pads.

Clamping Effect of On-Ear Headphones

Why do headphones hurt my ears - make them more comfortable

It’s the clamping effect of headphones that keep them securely on our heads and ears because without it they’d slide right of. For those of us who put on headphones at some stage in exercise, the clamping effect is a big plus-point. It lets us to transport around vigorously without having to keep readjusting. If the clamping effect is simply too strong, however, then it can become uncomfortable and painful as clamping puts pressure on the temporal bone as well as at the cartilage of the ear. One way of reducing how much ‘clamping’ pressure a headphone has is to stretch the headphones over a row of books or over the container they got here in. Gently does it. After all, you don’t need to overstretch them and you still want the clamping impact to hold the cans for your head. This ought to add a little ‘give’ and make them suit extra comfortably.

"My ears get too hot!"

Many headphones include plush-but-plasticky faux-leather ear pads, that may make you sweat like a polar bear in Louisiana. The answer is simple: Get softer, extra breathable velour (or faux velour) ear pads. Many corporations make less expensive third-party pads for famous headphone models, so go searching Amazon to locate the right pair for the version you own.

If you don't see any pads made for your specific headphones, don't lose hope. A lot of headphones use cups of similar size, so third-birthday celebration pads made for one headphone may fit nearly perfectly on another, less-popular version. Unfortunately, the handiest way to recognize is to try them out—or hope someone else has already finished so. Google around for your version of headphones and "velour ear pads" to peer what different audio nerds have found. Chances are, you may uncover a thread on Head-Fi.Org or Reddit's /r/headphones that has the facts you need.

There’s Damage on Your Cushions

Headphone cushions are designed to be sturdy yet comfortable but if you’re now not taking correct care of them then they can start to crack and peel. The biggest cause of this occurrence is sweat damage. Sweat is corrosive. Not simplest will this appearance unsightly however it’s going to smell quite bad, too. It’s additionally going to make the cushions uncomfortable in opposition to the ear. You have a few alternatives relying on the sort of headphone you’re wearing. One might be to shop for a substitute pair of cushions. There are some third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay. You can also add sweat-proof headphone covers that will defend your cushions from moisture damage.

Wearing On-Ear and Over-Ear headphones in the Winter

Our ears can get very cold inside the winter. There’s no fats on them for a start and whilst the temperature drops, the body reduces blood go with the flow to our extremities to preserve our critical organs warm. Cold ears aren’t just uncomfortable but they may be painful, too, and in case you stick cups over them, then they’re likely going to start hurting. You can upload earmuff covers to headphones to help preserve your ears teddy endure soft while still playing your playlists, podcasts, and albums.

Why Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Hurt My Ears?

Why do headphones hurt my ears - make them more comfortable

Some people just don’t seem which will get on with wearing active noise-canceling headphones (ANC). We wrote about this in a previous post searching at whether noise-canceling headphones were safe to wear. We concluded that they’re secure however that some human beings had mentioned sensitivity to the effects of the active noise-canceling technology. This ought to be due to the soundwaves emitted using ANC cans to counteract incoming ambient noise. One takes a look at looked into whether the headphones have been a contributing aspect in a single woman’s onset of vertigo-like symptoms after carrying a couple for 12 hours. It’s possible that for some humans ANC headphones simulate a sort of motion sickness. The Point Chaser weblog writes approximately a personal revel in feeling pain and dizziness from carrying the Bose QC 35 II headphones. It factors to a Reddit thread, too, of several customers reporting ear pain and soreness after sporting ANC headphones.

There are a few things you could do, therefore, to reduce how a good deal headphones harm your ears.

  • Where feasible try before you buy to ensure they suit comfortably. Check the size, too, earlier than purchasing.
  • Take breaks from listening every so often.
  • Turn the extent down if you’ve ramped it up.
  • Keep the cushions in good form with the aid of replacing wrecked ones and then including a sweat-evidence headphone cover.
  • If your ears are prone to the cold, then upload an earmuff headphone cover.