About us


To be honest, we want to produce the best and most modern wireless Buds/Pods for our customers. Nowadays you don't need any extra cables while you are busy with different activities /tasks on a daily basis. In addition, we work continuously to deliver quality for our customers and users. This means that we have low prices and paying too much is not applicable to us!

We focus on both young and old who are active and can use our help with the latest tech gadgets. In short, everyone is welcome to join us to purchase our wireless Pods and we also advise you to try out our products so that you can experience the convenience for yourself.

Quality & Service

Quality and service are our top priorities and we work on this with our team on a daily basis. This enables us yo offer our customers good products at an attractive price. Furthermore, our customers can always turn to us for advice regarding our new generation of Pods.

At PrimePods we also use our own product(s) on a daily basis during sports or at work. Everyone here is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with as much freedom as possible. So don't hesitate to talk to us if you run into any of us.


As a company, we continuously think along with what is happening around us and how fast the world is changing. We have also taken the view that we should not send paper-based shipping confirmations in order to reduce amount of paper that is printed / used. Furthermore, we have digitized our daily operations so that it is available to us / our customers 24/7 and there is no more paperwork involved. In this way we try to contribute to a better environment!