White Pods Pro
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White Pods ProPrimePods
White Pods ProPrimePods
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White Pods Pro

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WhitePods Pro™ is the third generation of BlackPods™. This wireless earbuds, comes with new earplugs, comfortable and noise reduction, built-in in-ear sensor, and is powered with a new Qualcomm chip, and a slick design. They feature water resistance and antisweat, consistent with the rhythm of the movement, expands the microphone mesh and improves clarity in high winds. This model has a new design and offers a better listening experience with superior audio quality and a snug fit. It comes with 3 different silicone tips sizes allows for a custom fit for each ear.

Main Features

Active Noise Cancellation – Active noise cancellation allows you to take a phone call or listen to music with very little ambient noise allowing for an even clearer audio *New*

Smart sensor – This sensor allows for your pods to automatically stop audio playback when you remove them and play it again when you put them back

Customization and Tracking – You can do customization the way you want, this includes naming your pods and even tracking them on your phone if you lose them

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Lasting battery – Non-stop 5 hours battery for each earbud. Battery levels of each pod displayed on the phone

Dust and anti-sweat waterproof – They are protected from dust, sweat and humidity *New*

Battery case – The case allows 24 hours of battery charging. Battery levels of the case displayed on the phone

Pop-up animation connect – An animation pops up when connecting

Touch Controls

- Press the force sensor once to play, pause or answer a call
- Press twice to skip to next song
- Press three times to replay song or play previous song
- Press and hold to switch between active noise reduction and transparent mode
- Say "Hey Siri" or “Hey Google” for things like playing a song, making a call, or getting directions

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